About Me

Me!My name is Andy and I live in Sunny South Florida, Hollywood to be exact. When I’m not in the pool avoiding the South Florida heat, you can find me behind my trusty Singer Stylist sewing machine that my mom bought in 1972 and handed down to me when I was a teenager.

My current specialty is the Aloha Style shirt, or Bowling Shirt if you prefer, made with the modern geek in mind. This started because of a rather simple question I was asked one day by the husband while thrift-shopping. He had his childhood character bed sheets and asked ‘couldn’t you use this as yardage and make me a shirt or you a dress?’

The particular sheet in question was a Pac-Man sheet set. And I *was* able to make something like a shirt or a dress. In fact, if you look at my Etsy owner profile, I am wearing the dress I made from those sheets. And standing behind me is the husband who is wearing the shirt I made from those sheets. It was a perfect pairing at the party we attended. And it was a great beginning to what is now the bulk of my sewing business.

Now I make shirts for men and women using vintage character bed sheets, Star Wars is my best seller. The “sheet shirts” are usually done like an Aloha shirt and are made entirely from the vintage materials. Since they are made from vintage sheets the material has already been washed enough times to make them (usually) super soft and a pleasure to wear. The “panel shirts” are usually done in the style of a Bowling shirt and include two stripes down the front of an otherwise solid color shirt. The stripes are made from anything I find that is interesting, some new fabrics, some vintage fabrics, and some custom things that I have found or made using Spoonflower.

My husband and I have a system, I make the things and he brings me wine at the end of the sewing day. Sometimes he answers the messages for me here and on Facebook which gives me more time to do the sewing.

I’m always working on something new so stop by often. If you are on Facebook or Instagram the links are below.

I am looking forward to making you something special!