How to Measure

How to measure yourself for custom made fashions:

Ready to get started?

Grab a tape measure, a friend, and a refreshing beverage and let’s get some measurements from you.

For the Men’s Shirts:

The best way to do this gentlemen is to go get your most favorite, most comfortable, most best fitting shirt. Lay the shirt down on a flat surface and take a few specific measurements starting with the Chest Size. Measure from armpit to armpit and then double that measurement. For example, armpit to armpit is 26 inches, double that to 52 inches and the chest measurement of the shirt is a Men’s Size Large. For those using metrics that is a 132 centimeters at the chest.

Measure across the chest

The next measurement is optional and is only needed if you are shorter or taller than average meaning less than 5′ 8″ or taller than 6′ 3″ or ordering bigger than a 3XL. Measure from the collar seam to the bottom of  the back hem. If you are ordering a 3XL or larger go ahead and measure from the collar seam to the front hem and let me know if the measurement is different.


If you are ordering 4x, 5x, or 6x you should take one more measurement, just in case…. the width at the bottom of the shirt. Same thing as above, measure across and then double the measurement.

For the Men’s Shirts – Plan B :

So you don’t have a favorite fitting shirt, or it’s in a box in the attic for some reason, or you just lost or gained a bunch of weight…. however you got here you find yourself without a shirt to measure to find your size. No worries, just grab that tape measure and measure your actual chest. Don’t hold your breath, don’t raise your arms, don’t puff out your chest, just relax and go all the way around your chest from just under your armpits.

Fashion Tramp Shirts are a relaxed fit shirt like an Aloha Shirt or a Bowling Shirt. The difference between your actual chest measurement and the shirt’s measurement is called “Ease” and this style has 8 inches of ease. Take your actual chest measurement and add 8 inches to get what size shirt you need. If, for example, your chest measurement is 50 inches you would add 8 inches to get a 58 inch chest which means you want a 2xl size shirt. That would be 147 centimeters in metric.

For the Men’s Shirts Sizes:

There isn’t a real true standard for sizing the fashion world so I am using the common sizing charts for Men’s Wear and that is:

SMALL ~ 34-36 inches (91 cm) ~ 45 inches (114 cm) ~
MEDIUM ~ 38-40 inches (101 cm) ~ 49 inches (124 cm) ~
LARGE ~ 42-44 inches (112cm) ~ 52 inches (132 cm) ~
XL ~ 46-48 inches (122 cm) ~ 56 inches (137 cm) ~
2XL ~ 50-52 inches (132 cm) ~ 58 inches (147 cm) ~
3XL ~ 54-56 inches (142 cm) ~ 63 inches (160 cm) ~
4XL ~ 58-60 inches (152 cm) ~ 69 inches (175 cm) ~
5XL ~ 62-64 inches (162 cm) ~ 74 inches (188 cm) ~
6XL ~ 66-68 inches (173 cm) ~ 78 inches (198 cm) ~

That is the chest measurement as explained above. If you fall in between sizing I can adjust most shirts with little difficulty, just let me know before you order your shirt because the changes could affect the final delivery time.


For the Ladies Shirts:

Ladies, you get to fit your shirt the same as the men but with one extra measurement…. the bust. Measure your bust as if you were fitting a bra (around the fullest part of your breasts) and use that as the chest measurement on the chart above. If you want to have a more girlish figure let me know your chest measurement (measured around your chest and under your breast) and I can tailor the fit a bit for you. Let me know before you order because the changes could affect the final delivery time.


For the Ladies Everything else:

For the ladies there are a few basic measurements required for all dresses. Some styles may require more measurements, so don’t let your friend or your refreshing beverage get too far away…

  • Bust Measurement: Measure the fullest part of your bust.
  • Waist Measurement: Measure your natural waist. You can find your natural waist by tying a bit of string or elastic snugly around your wasist and bending side to side a couple of times. Where the string winds up is your natural waist. Gentleman, you can skip the string bit because your waist is where your belt typically rides.
  • Hip Measurement: Measure the fullest part of your hips.
  • Back/Bodice Length: Measure from the base of neck down your spine to your wasit line.

    Fitting Points
    Fitting Points
  • Skirt Length: Measure from the waist-line to where you would like the hem. It is best to have your friend measure this as bending alters the number.This number will change based on style, from mini to maxi .

Some more fitted dress styles will require more measurements but we can take care of that when we get to picking out your specific dress.


Wasn’t that easy? Now lets get to the fun part of picking that fabric you have always dreamed of.